Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Big vintage pick up

I made a big vintage pickup this weekend. 800 cards for about 15 cents a card, just about everything in the 1965-1976 range. Just about all commons, and about half I had already, so there is plenty to trade - see below for what's available to trade.

But first, here is what I have added to my collection:

1977: Just a few. I'm still so far behind in this set, I'm semi-seriously thinking about purchasing a complete one. Would have to find a good deal on it.
 1976: Lots added here. I'm now more than halfway through this set. As you can see there was one big rookie card here. I've already got most of the key cards in this set now.
 1974: Still got over 100 to go but this set is shaping up nicely. Young Charlie Hough and rookie Bucky Dent are among the highlights here.
 Lots of '73s, including a couple of minor Hall-of-Famers and a few high numbers.
 Nice selection of 1972s as well.
 Just a few 1971s but very Yankee-heavy which is nice. That Lindy McDaniel card is one I've admired from afar from a while, but all of these look so great.
 A nice selection of 1970s. I like how Topps, after being burned by Claude Raymond a couple of times, stuck with a headshot in 1970. Nice to get a Bill Russell rookie.
 Oddly, there were no 1969s and very few 1968s, but it ramps up again in 1967. Not too many big names but all the cards on the bottom are high-numbers.
 Some cool stuff from 1966.
 Finally, 1965 (including more high-numbers), and one lone 1964.

Now, on to the trade bait:
One lone '65, and a few from '66, '67 and '68.
 Lots from 1970.
 One 1971, a few from '72.
 Lots more '73s. The last three are high-numbers.
 A few from '74.
 Trio from 1975. I'm within 50 cards, mostly commons, to completing this set.
Lots more from 1976, including some minor stars.
Let's trade!


  1. That is some haul! And that price!

  2. I'd be happy to take any '67 dupes that I need, and possibly some of the 1970s. I'd have to see what I have for you. Might take me awhile.

  3. Nice pickup. Some cool cards .

  4. Touching on our deal-of-the-moment, I'll take anything we haven't talked about yet that I need from '68, '70, '72 and '73, though it's possible that you checked already I just didn't need any of that.