Sunday, April 16, 2017

Some cards that were free

One of the Craigslist transactions I referred to in my recent post came through, and I picked up about 500 cards from a guy on the Upper West side on Friday, costing nothing more than the Metrocard to go there and back. They were all loose inside a flimsy plastic bag that was not going to hold them for long, and there was a lot of junk wax, so I sat on a bench on Broadway and 93rd street pulling out the cards I knew I didn't need (i.e., cards from sets I knew I had finished). When I was done I still had about 150 cards I knew I might need. Hopefully someone found the cards I left on the bench and are having a good time with them.

Here are some highlights of the cards I hung onto.

There were a bunch of 1995 Ultras, and mixed in was this great Gold Medallion parallel.
 Here's a 1994 Bowman preview card. Nice rainbow foil here.
 There were a lot of Classic cards from 1992 and 1993 from sets I didn't recognize. Pretty awesome getting an early Bernie Williams I did not have.
 I already had the full Kay-Bee sets from 1988 and 1990 but here were a bunch of 1989s.


  1. Leaving cards on a bench is so awesome! Hopefully someone else did end up taking at least a few of them home.

    1. Lol... unless it was windy, raining, or snowing that day ;)