Monday, April 3, 2017

Bought another collection

This one is smaller than the last, less than 20,000 cards for sure. But 16,000-17,000 cards, mostly from 2000-2007, for just $20 I just can't pass up. A few hundred 2002 Fleer Maximum, a few hundred junk wax, but mostly cards that I will either need for my collection or shouldn't be too hard to trade. I've barely had time to go through it and am having some computer issues, but here are some quick highlights of other sets that are highly represented (though there is a ton of variety, and stars and inserts are plentiful unlike other collections I have bought). The next trade-a-thon, when it happens, will be epic. Lots of sorting to do first!

Joy of a completed set - 2002 Topps!
 Many from 2003 Play Ball but I was especially glad to get this one - because I already own the original artwork!
 2003 Finest.
 2003 Leaf Certified Materials.
 Not 1989 Upper Deck but a throwback set UD put out in 2002. Don't know what it was called.
 2003 Topps Ten.
 2003 Bazooka.


  1. Can't wait, looks like a lot of what I need cards for too.

  2. Very cool. There was a time I would have loved stumbling across a 17k card collection. Sadly... I've run out of room to store it. I guess I'll live vicariously through all of the bloggers who still have the space. Can't wait to see what you picked up.

  3. I've no idea what I'll have laying around to trade for it, but add this stuff to our previous discussion about the last collection. Really, where you're killing me here is that you have a start date. I swear, I find more '60s cards where I am than modern cards! (Poor me...)