Friday, September 2, 2016

Time to cut back on these

I bought five more $1 packs from Baby Starks last week and the quality of the cards was significantly worse. There were about 50 cards from 2016 Topps that I needed but most of the rest was junk wax. I have a feeling the good stuff is almost all gone and it's mostly filler from here on. I think I am going to restrict myself to just going to his table once a month or so.
 This was one of the few non-2016 cards not on the outside of the pack that I actually needed.
 A couple packs had 2016 Stadium Club on the outside which was cool.
 I grabbed a pack with this card on the front because you just don't see Pacific very much here on the Atlantic.
 This was my favorite card of the group. Once again the card on the outside was clearly the best in the pack.

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  1. $5 for 50 needed 2016 Topps still isn't a bad deal