Thursday, July 21, 2016

Trade with Catching up with Collecting

I got a lot of great Yankee cards in a recent trade with Catching up with Collecting. Here are some highlights:

I had never gotten a "Cardtoons" card before but there were several in this pack. The art is weird but well-executed.
 Great picture of a Yankee legend here.
 And here is an even better classic picture - Lou Gehrig jumping over a teammate's swing.
 I also liked this picture of Sparky Lyle in a minor-league Orioles uniform, with a bicycle in the background - I don't remember seeing a bike on a card before.
 Great shot of Don Mattingly.
 Lots of great photos of Yankee stars in this package.
 This may be the funniest of all - a baseball card featuring a very young Joe DiMaggio, eating spaghetti with his mom in a 1930s publicity shot.

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