Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A variety of little sets

For $10 I bought some little sets off a guy from Craigslist. Came out to less than $1 a set and it was mostly cards I needed so I am happy with this purchase. Here are the sets I got:

There was a complete 1994 Sunoco set. These look identical to the regular 1994 Fleer set on the front so I am showing the back. In addition to the complete set there were a bunch of loose extras as well, including three of Ken Griffey Jr. here. So lots to trade from this set if you have a need.
 I have complete boxes of several mid-1980s Fleer box sets, but I didn't have this one yet. Did have a few singles already so those will be up for trade.
 I had seen a lot of black-bordered Conlon sets before but never this full-bleed set - it shows off the photos very nicely. This was Series 4. Pictured here is Mel Ott.
 There were 10 cards from this Yoo-Hoo set, which is unnumbered but appears to be larger - maybe it came out in series. Jerseys with the logo airbrushed away always look weird, whether it was done this year or 25 years ago.
 I had been getting occasional singles from the 1994 Stadium Club Members Only set, but now I have the full set.
 There were two Drakes sets in this collection - 1983...
 ...and 1984. Had a few singles from each previously which are now up for trade.
 I love old minor league cards and here was a 55-card set I had never seen - the 1989 AAA All-Star game. Just because it's an all-star set doesn't mean there can't be fun photos like the classic "pitcher holding a bat".
 Finally some stuff I already had. I have the full 1989 Score set and many extras beside, so I won't be opening up the packs in this wax box. Anyone have interest in trading for it? Also a 1991 Front Row baseball draft picks set, and a 7-card Dikembe Mutombo set, also from Front Row. Finally there is a Mark McGwire card (1988 Fleer Record Setters) that I already have, in a plaque. The card easily comes out of the plaque. If anyone wants the card and/or the plaque they are available for trade.
I am still going through last month's garage sale haul but I will note that in addition to the usual junk wax I have a ton of 2000 Topps and 2007-2014 Topps to trade. None of this is up on my tradelist yet but if you have needs for those sets or any of the ones pictured here let me know!

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