Monday, May 5, 2014

Player Profile: Greg Bird

I have one card of Greg Bird, from 2012 Bowman Prospects.

Playing career: First baseman Greg Bird was the Yankees’ fifth round draft pick in 2011. He was hampered by injuries in his first two professional seasons, but in 2013 rebounded to win the Yankees’ Minor League Player of the Year award, hitting .288 with 20 HR, 84 RBI and 107 BB in 130 games.

Where he is now:  Back to his injury-prone ways, unfortunately, he is currently rehabbing from a back injury.

My memories: Only know him from his card.

Google Autocomplete results: He is second when you type Greg Bi, between Greg Biffle, a NASCAR driver, and Greg Bishop, a writer for Sports Illustrated. Another prominent Greg Bird is a rugby player in Australia.

Coming up next: The next profile will be Mike Birkbeck.

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