Sunday, September 1, 2013

Well, I got to wear my Soriano shirt...

After the 2003 season, I decided to buy something I never had wanted to before, a batting-practice-jersey replica of a Yankee. There are always tons of them being worn at Yankee games and I thought it would be fun to wear one too. I picked the most exciting player on the team - Alfonso Soriano. Then in February of 2004 the Yankees made arguably the worst trade in their history, sending Soriano to Texas for Alex Rodriguez. I decided that I had learned my lesson about buying a shirt with a specific name on it, shoved the shirt in the bottom of a drawer and never wore it.

Now, with Soriano back on the Yankees (and hitting like an MVP candidate!) I was able to finally wear the shirt to a Yankee game! Unfortunately wearing the shirt was probably the biggest highlight of the day, though Soriano did have an RBI hit in the third. Unfortunately Joe Girardi's quick hook on Andy Pettitte when he was pitching a shutout killed the Yankees as they lost 7-3. They've teased us for a little while but even with Soriano's recent heroics, there is not enough talent on this team to make the playoffs.

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