Sunday, September 15, 2013

Trade with Rich Niessen

Got about a thousand cards in a trade with Rich Niessen, who doesn't have a blog but does have a trading page with very detailed want list. Here are some highlights:
 I've seen lots of pictures of various goofy Studio cards over the years with parrots, bubbles, etc. But never this one with Jose Lind holding a freaking sword! This has got to be one of the greatest cards of all time and I'd never seen it before.
 He actually got me very close to completing the 1992 set. Once I finish, I think I will take a break from the player profiles to do a card-by-card of this set with the fronts and the weird tidbits on the backs. These are the ones I still need if anyone has to trade:

5, 51, 95, 100, 114, 125, 129, 150, 171, 221, 264

 He also finished my 1993 Upper Deck set and got me real close on a few others (check out my wantlists): 93 Donruss, 92 Pinnacle, 92 Ultra.
 John Roper gives this trade a thumbs up.
 Great catch! Great shirt!
Here's a card that would seem to accurately capture the player's personality.
Finally, let's close it off with this great Don Mattingly shot.

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