Saturday, September 21, 2013

Trade with Rick

Rick is another card collector who has a trading site but not a blog. Here are some cards I got in a recent trade:

It amazes me that there are some basic Yankee cards from junk-wax era sets that I still don't have yet. Melido was not as flashy as his brother but was the Yankees best pitcher in the early 1990s.
 Knocked off another 1992 Studio off my list. Now I just need the following to finish the set and start my 1992 Studio project:

5, 51, 95, 100, 114, 125, 129, 171, 221, 264

 Speaking of 1992 Studio, remember that card of Jose Lind with a sword? Here he is on the field with a large hunting knife! Apparently Lind was known for having a large collection of knives that he kept in his locker and sometimes brought out onto the field.

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