Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Free Sample

Here is a Pocket Pages card of George Brett.

The back lists it as a "free sample".

Wouldn't it be cool if baseball card stores gave out more free samples? Or how about going to a place like Costco and getting free samples of baseball cards in addition to little hot dogs or pieces of brownies?

I've never actually seen baseball cards at Costco, but they used to sell them there, apparently. In 1990, National League Umpire Bob Engel was arrested for shoplifting baseball cards at Costco. To make it even more embarrassing, the cards he stole were 1990 Score. According to this article from the LA Times, the 4,000 stolen cards were valued at $143.98. I doubt you could get half that for 4,000 1990 Score cards today.

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