Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cole Gillespie on baseball cards

The Brewers 3rd round draft pick in 2006, Cole Gillespie made his major league debut in 2010 for Arizona, doubling in his first major league at-bat. He kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.

"I collected cards when I was younger but never got too into it. Barry Bonds was my favorite player growing up so I tried to get as many cards of him as possible. I don't collect cards anymore."

Thanks! Here is a picture of his card from 2010 Topps Update.

Incidentally, the Barry Bonds card pictured here came from a huge trade with Smed - much more on that coming soon!

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  1. I swore he had a rookie card (with the old rookie card logo) in some 2008 or 2009 Upper Deck set.