Sunday, January 16, 2011

Adrian Garrett on baseball cards

Adrian "Smokey" Garrett played eight seasons in the major leagues for the Braves, Cubs, A's and Angels. Now the hitting coach for the Louisville Bats, AAA affiliate of the Reds, he kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.

"The only card story I have is, on my 2nd card is the photo of me and Jackie Warner, and it has the name Pat Garrett. Cy Berger, our Topps man, and I might say a great man, and friend to all players, always called me Pat, in reference to the man that shot Billy The Kid. He was the only one that ever called me that, and he used it on that card, and only that card. I don't know why, he just did.

My favorite card is not of me, but of Bo Jackson, it was put out by Upper Deck, and on the back of the card is a picture of Bo with me on 3rd base, when I was the 3rd base coach with the Royals.

I collected cards when I was a kid, and had a lot of great cards, but I don't know what happened to them, when I moved away from home my Mom probably packed them away some where, or gave them away. They may be in the attic at home, I don't know. I don't collect cards anymore."


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