Saturday, September 18, 2010

If I become commissioner

Our newest blog bat around asks what our agenda would be if we replaced Bud Selig as commissioner when he retires in 2010.

1. Institute full instant replay. Sure, the Yankees benefitted from the lack of replay in last year's postseason, but what would happen if a bad call went against the Yankees? That would be horrible.

2. To help insure parity, instead of a salary cap, only allow teams to be bought by people for whom the team will represent at least 75% of their income, so that teams don't become just another entry in a long list on someone's balance sheet. Probably there are other things that would need to be done as well, but I would need to hire a sophisticated account to figure all that out. Probably need to hire a skilled labor negotiator as well.

3. No playoff games involving east coast teams starting later than 7pm EST.

4. Have more than one baseball card licensee (doesn't have to be Upper Deck). Any company with a baseball card license must market an inexpensive set that children can easily collect.


  1. Greetings! I'm Steve at

    "3. No playoff games involving east coast teams starting later than 7pm EST."

    I would amend this to be: "No weekday playoff games involving west coast teams as home teams starting earlier than 7pm PST." Those weird day game starts living in the shadow of east coast bias TV rating-based start times simply kill our ability to watch our teams in meaningful games. Staying up until 1am or so would be far preferable.

    Of course, there is a real conflict here in start times, and I wish baseball would address them.

  2. When granting a license for sportscards, ensure that the company makes each product unique. That is no using the same picture and changing the border color or adding a small piece of foil. Topps chrome or opening day should not look like the flagship.