Sunday, August 15, 2010

Baseball card story from Ken Grundt

Ken Grundt pitched eight years in the Giants, Rockies, Red Sox and Marlins organizations, reaching the major leagues with Boston in 1996 and 1997. He now works as a controller for an accounting firm and is a private baseball instructor. He kindly shared with me this baseball card story.

"I used to collect, and still have a lot from the mid 80's, but none that have much more then sentimental value.

The best story I could share would be one of a former pitching coach I had in extended spring training one year with the Giants. His name is Keith Comstock. The card "appears" to be an action shot, but was really staged by him. He is a very funny individual, and asked the photographer if he could set up his own shot. When the photog said yes, he thought it would never make it to print. The actual photo is of him in his follow through, and he glued a baseball to his uniform, near his groin. He appeared to be getting hit by a comebacker, when in reality, the ball was there all along. Very funny card."