Saturday, August 7, 2010

Baseball card stories from Rick Greene

Rick Greene was the Detroit Tigers' number one draft choice in 1992, and pitched ten years of professional baseball, reaching the major leagues in 1999 with the Cincinnati Reds. He kindly shared with me his stories about baseball cards.

"My attitude toward signing was always this: I enjoyed it because you never know when people will stop asking. They ask a lot less these days but some still do, so I feel blessed and honored.

One of my favorite cards was an Upper Deck card set where the photog took a pic of me dancing during stretching and that was my card. That set had a lot of good shots, posed stuff, etc.

My favorite cards are any and all of my Olympic cards...very proud of those.

I collected cards back since they were 25 cents a pack from the ice cream man. I still have a lot but don't collect like I used to."


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