Monday, October 26, 2009


Forty pennants. Wow! To put that in perspective, the Yankees have as many pennants as the Milwaukee Brewers have seasons.

Andy was dandy last night. The starting pitching has been darned impressive, and bailed out some shaky offense. His post-season career numbers - 38 starts, 16-9, 3.83 ERA, would be the numbers of a Cy Young contender if they were a season line, and these were all compiled against the best teams in baseball, no Royals or Brewers softies to pad the stats.

I loved Mariano's low-key celebration, just this fist-pump and an embrace of Jorge Posada. No jumping up and down like a maniac for this closer, who acts like he's been there before - which he has, six times. This photo would make a great baseball card.

Up now are the Phillies. Damn, they look like a tough team, a mirror image of the Yankees in many ways with their power, pitching, and ballpark. At least the Yankees will be familiar with some of their starters, like Lee, Pedro and Blanton, so they won't have the excuse that they don't do well against pitchers they haven't seen.

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  1. I think Rivera is a bit bored! Yep, Pettitte pitched awesome, and I shut off the TV after Girardi got rid of him and put Joba in. Phew! Glad I got up in the middle of the night and watched the end! Go Yanks!