Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Cards from Jaybarkerfan's trade-a-thon

Recently Jaybarkerfan held a trade-a-thon. I had one of my own a year and a half ago - I set up 25 trades, sent out 25 trade packages and received 19 back. Yep, stiffed by six different card bloggers. Hopefully no one stiffs Wes.

Here is the great stuff I got from him:
 Super-shiny refractor of Eric Hinske, who got a World Series ring with the 2009 Yankees. Also the two most prominent members of the current Yankee team, Gary Sanchez and Masahiro Tanaka.
 Always fun to get an autograph and a relic.
 Wes threw in a couple of packs as well. I've already completed both of these sets so if anyone wants them, let me know.


  1. Nice Mariners auto!

    I can't believe you were stiffed by six bloggers. What a bummer

  2. Boo on bloggers stiffing. I wouldn't take part unless I had something the other person wanted