Monday, March 21, 2016

Wallet Card at a surprising location in Yankees history

On January 8, 1877, NYPD Patrolman John McDowell was shot in the head foiling an attempted robbery at Courtney's Saloon at 315 7th Avenue. McDowell, who survived, was not the first NYPD officer to be shot in the line of duty, but was the first to be honored with this Tiffany-designed medallion.

Thirty years later, Yankeees owner and former NYPD Commissioner Big Bill Devery used the medallion to be the basis of a new interlocking-NY logo for the ballclub, one that is still used to this day. Here is Wallet Card at the site of the shooting, site of a 21-story apartment building since 1925.


  1. That's a pretty fascinating origin story - it's easy to take the club logos for granted, especially one as longstanding an pervasive as the Yankees mark.

  2. Thanks for the info! Pretty cool to learn trivia like that.