Friday, December 18, 2015

Cards from Baseball Card Breakdown's Giveaway

Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown sent a very generous PWE as part of his giveaway. I feel kind of bad because I had sent him a PWE as well and that one never arrived. Still, I appreciate the awesome cards he sent.

This one jumped out at me right away when I opened the envelope. Such a beautiful card, I thought it must be Stadium Club or something. Turns out it is one of Gavin's own customs. Awesome!
Here is the back. Holostar black ink parallel!
There was also this custom reprint of a John Elway baseball card that he sent with a note on the back.
There were also some very cool "real" cards in the package as well, like this great Mariano card.
 David Lough spent two years with the Royals and two with the Orioles and is now a free agent.
 Hard to see in the photo but this is a textured black/gold parallel.


  1. Glad you like! I had owed you for a while, even before that doomed PWE went missing, so I was happy to finally hit you with some cards.

  2. So I have 37 cards form your wants lists, email me and we can work something out. trevorejordan at gmail