Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wallet Card is ready for NFL Opening Night . . . 2006

In 2006 the NFL Thursday Night season opener moved from ABC to NBC. The defending champion Pittsburgh Steelers were hosting the Miami Dolphins, and Diddy and Rascal Flatts were the halftime performers. NBC promoted the game with a billboard overlooking Herald Square.  Perhaps the billboard was effective, as a record 19.2 million viewers watched Pittsburgh beat Miami 28-17 in a game most notable for Dolphins coach Nick Saban messing up a chance to have a bad call replayed.

I guess NBC and everyone else forgot about the billboard, though, as nine years later it still stands, as tomorrow night once again the Steelers open the NFL season (this time hosting the Patriots, with the halftime show "draws" being Ellie Goulding and Train). In the time this billboard has been standing, New York has seen a Super Bowl played at the Meadowlands, the Giants win two Super Bowls, and the Jets just keep on being the Jets.

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