Thursday, September 11, 2014

Baseball card stories from Scott Compton

The son of former major leaguer Mike Compton, outfielder Scott Compton played in the Dodgers organization in 1993. He is now a patent attorney who is Of Counsel at Buche & Associates in San Diego. He is assisted many baseball inventors with their patents, including former Royals pitcher Steve Stemle's Lokator System and former minor leaguer Cesar Mejia's MP Balancer. He kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.

"My favorite card is my father’s 1971 Topps card #77 – the card photo was taken at Shea Stadium sometime in the summer of 1970.
I don’t really have any stories about my own cards other than I remember the photographer being a distant cousin of people I knew back in my home town of Odessa, Texas.  I have two cards that I am aware of, one card photograph was taken in Yakima, Washington and the other card photograph was taken in Spokane, Washington when on the road playing the Spokane Indians.
I have collected cards off and on my entire life.  I have collected cards of certain players (typically those of dad’s teammates and family friends down through the years) and I have also slowly been putting together various sets when I get the chance to visit card shows.  I collect Topps 1964 cards based on my having first seen the 1964 Lou Brock card, which I like.  I also like the appearance of 1967 Topps cards.   
My earliest recollection of baseball cards is 1973 Topps cards.  My father was still playing at that time and he would bring home the cards from the ballpark.  As he explains, there were boxes of cards in the clubhouse and the players would open the packs to get the bubble gum and then throw the cards in the trash or on top of their wire mesh lockers.  

I don’t focus on collecting cards at this time.  I focus more on taking photos of ball players.  My father still works for the Phillies and I usually go to spring training and walk around on the fields at Carpenter Complex, Clearwater, FL and take my own photos.  A photo of me and father from a few years ago at spring training is attached here. "