Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Yankees Team Lot from Hot Corner Cards

Pat at Hot Corner Cards is trading team lots for Tigers cards. I claimed the Yankees and got a ton of cool cards. There are still several lots still available so check it out.

Here are some highlights from what he sent me.

This card immediately caught my eye when I opened the package. Sparkly blue!
But the sparkly green may be even cooler!

Included was a Yankees Fan Pack from 2008 Upper Deck. It included samplers from a variety of sets, including a glossy version of UD Masterpieces and a silver version of  SP Legendary Cuts which I think are unique to the fan packs. I have some of these already so if someone wants some in a trade let me know.
 I really liked this card, as 1987 Topps is one of my favorite designs, Mark Teixeira is one of my favorite players, and this is a great photo.

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