Sunday, April 18, 2021

Cards and vintage things: Hockey Stamps and Matchcovers

 I picked up my first matchbook lot in a while recently. I wasn't even going to show it on the blog until I got the package. It was mostly US matchcovers but the seller was in Canada. When I saw the stamps on the package I knew I had to post it:

Those are lenticular (Sportflics-style) stamps of Canadiens legends Maurice Richard and Guy LaFleur. (I guess you don't have to be dead to get on a stamp in Canada.) They really look quite nice in person. I like them, but I'm not really a hockey collector so they are up for trade if anyone wants them.

I figure I might as well show off the matchcovers I got too, for those of you who like seeing that sort of thing. I'll highlight some matchbooks paired off with a hockey card I have available for trade (I kept all the "good" ones when I sold off that lot of tens of thousands of hockey cards a couple of years ago). The lot was Matchorama and similar matchbooks from the '60s which are notable for their full-color photography, probably my favorite vintage matchbook style.
Here are a couple of gas stations, one Canadian and one in the US. Have you noticed Sinclair and their dinosaur logo have started coming back? One recently opened up near me.
Matching a Canadien card with a couple of Canadian Historic Forts.
A vintage New York Ranger with three matchbooks from New York City and one from Coney Island - Coney Island Cincinnati, that is. 
Union Pacific Railroad put out a very nice series of landscape-themed matchcovers. There were dupes of a few of these if anyone has interest.
Matchbooks selling random objects like shirts and phones, with a hockey card in the shape of a TV.
A dated matchbook (our new home in 1956) along with a very dated space scene, matched with a very modern looking hockey card.
Some appetizing matchcovers.
Lots of '60s trucks!
Finally, nothing says mid-20th century USA like a diner at night. And nothing says early 2000s like a refractor hockey card.

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  1. "Victory Spud Service". That's my pick for winner of this post. The General System telephone matchbook is also great. Nice pickups, Bo!