Thursday, July 9, 2015

Wallet Card at Yankee Stadium

Wallet Card came out to Yankee Stadium last night and brought CC Sabathia some more good luck. This season CC is 2-0 with Wallet Card in attendance and 2-8 without it. CC pitched decently, Mark Teixeira hit two home runs, and Stephen Drew hit an insurance run in the eighth to make it 5-2, which ended up being crucial as Andrew Miller made it exciting by giving up a two run home run. Then Gregorio Petit made it too exciting by throwing away what should have been the last out, setting up the tying run on second base. Fortunately Petit redeemed himself as the next batter also hit it to him and this time he got the final out.

I usually go to day games, this was only my sixth night game ever. The Yankees had lost the previous five I had attended.

I took this photo before the game. All the ballplayers in white uniforms by the Yankee dugout are actually the US women's baseball team (not softball, baseball). They are ranked second in the world and are playing in the Pan Am Games soon. They got to stand on the field with the players during the national anthem.

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