Thursday, October 17, 2013

Baseball card story from Jake Patterson

First baseman Jake Patterson played in the Twins organization from 1993 to 1997. His best season was 1994, when he hit .268 with 18 HR and 53 RBI in only 63 games. Now a Correctional Youth Officer at the Colorado Division of Youth Corrections, he kindly shared this great baseball card story.

"I actually do have a favorite baseball card story. In 1995 while playing for the Ft. Wayne Wizards, one of the "Diamond Girls" who I had become friends with told me that she was making herself a sandwich earlier that day for lunch and found a baseball card of me in it. I thought she was just kidding but she brought the card to show me the next day and sure enough she was not playing. I had forgotten about signing a release earlier in the year from the Holsum bread company giving permission for them to create a card and put them in loaves of bread as a promotion, well I was selected as the representative for the Wizards but was unaware. So I went to the store and bought $100 dollars worth of bread to get cards for myself, friends and family but soon found I had wasted the money as 2 weeks later I received a box of 100 of my cards from Holsum, but I was not lacking for sandwiches or toast for a while so I guess it wasn't a waste of money after all."

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