Thursday, November 17, 2016

Mitch Williams on baseball cards

Mitch Williams was one of the top relievers in baseball in the late 1980s and early 1990s, saving over 15 games in a season six years in a row. His 192 career saves rank in the top 50 all time. Now the Partner in Expansion at RTC Transportation in Mt. Laurel, NJ. he kindly answered my questions about baseball cards.

"I don't collect cards, I have an enormous amount of my own that companies have sent to me.

As for a card story, the only one I really have is there is a card out there that has what is supposed to be my autograph on it, but it is not my autograph. That Cub card is the card that is not my signature. My actual signature is the one on the Houston card. That's how I knew that the Cub card signature wasn't mine. I never got very good grades in penmanship. I also knew no one would ever be able to forge that mess that is my autograph!
My favorite card of myself is the card that has a fire truck superimposed on it. I don't know who produced it."